Mrs Lennon’s Class work for Weeks beginning 20th and 27th April

2 week Plan

Work for Week beginning 20th April AND week beginning 27th April

Dear parents and students

I have created a list of work across all subject areas for the next 2 weeks.

I am aware that working form home is going to be difficult and understand that we can only do our best. I ask children to attempt core subjects, English, Irish and Maths first.

If children are finding it too difficult or if there is too much (or too little), please let me know. Like for everyone, this is all new to me too, so I can take all feedback on board and adapt if necessary going forward. My email is

I hope everyone is staying safe and well and I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Take care,Mrs Lennon



  • Continue with reading zone and spellbound each week as per usual homework.
  • Get someone to test you on a Friday in your test copy – no cheating J

Explanation Texts – this can be completed over 2 weeks.

Week 1Week 2
Research the water cycle and create a plan for your explanation textComplete your final draft of the explanation text explaining


An Explanation Text is a non-fiction piece of writing which is meant to describe a process such as how a car is made for example. Explanation texts include specific features that include Written in the present tense, text arranged into numbered points, time connectives, diagrams with labels and pictures with captions.

I have attached an Explanation Text Checklist to help you.


I have also attached some examples of how an explanation text reads

Example of an explanation Text

Example 2 of an explanation text

  1. Research the Water Cycle
  2. Now, explain how it works – this can be written, a poster, a power point or brochure
  3. Use the checklist to help you, ticking off each item.

Wild Flower Girl

Read chapters 18 – 21 and complete the questions/activities attached in your novel copy.

Wildflower Girl Questions

I will provide answers at the end of this 2 week block so you can correct your work.

 Week 1 Week 2






Read Chapter 18

Questions on Chpt.18


Read Chapter 19

Questions on Chpt 19


Read Chapter 20

Questions on Chpt 20


Read Chapter 21

Questions on Chpt 21



  • Continue with Riálta Litriú each week. Again get someone to test you on a Friday.

Abair Liom

I are aware that Irish will be more difficult for some than others. Just try your best and do what you can. is a good website to help with word translations.

You can access the Abair Liom ebook online for free.

1. Click Here for Folens and register
2. Select Teacher and create an account
3. Roll Number: Use 15142E

I have also attached each page in a document for those who cannot access Folensonline for any reason.

Abair Liom – pages of book

I have provided a breakdown of the work in the document attached as well as some translations

Abair Liom – Aonad 15 – daily activities



Mental Maths each day as normal

Tables Champion each day as normal

Below is a list work for each day. Some children will find it easier than others. I suggest children spend no more than 30mins each day at maths completing what they can in this time.

The ANSWERS can be found on Folensonline (The same website for Abair Liom) so children can correct their own work at the end of each activity or can ensure they are on the right track.

I will also send answers out at the end of the two weeks.

Type Planet Maths into the search box

  • Select Planet Maths 4th, 5th or 6th
  • Click Resource Type
  • Select Printables
  • Pick Photocopiable Answers
  • Scroll through this document to appropriate page

List of activities for each day:

4th Class Maths

5th Class Maths

6th Class Maths



Click below for History, Geography and Science

History, Geography, Science


Other subjects – Art, Music, Oral language, PE and SPHE

Click here for all other subjects

Other subjects – 

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