Work for week beginning 4th May – Week 3

Hello everyone

As we were due to be off school on Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th I will not be providing work for these two days.

Wellness Wednesday will continue so again, no school work. Please pick an activity from the list. The pictures have been amazing so keep sending them in.

Homework activities – Please DO NOT proceed to the next weeks in Reading Zone, Mental Maths, Réalta Litriú or Spellbound. Instead go back and complete some of the days you may have missed.


Wild Flower Girl

Read each chapter and complete the following questions/activities in your novel copy.

I will provide answers at the end of this week os you can correct your work.

Thursday 7th May Friday 8th May
Read Chapters 22 and 23

Answer questions below

Read Chapters 24 and 25

Answer Questions Below


Questions on each chapter can be found by clicking below:

Wildflower Girl Questions


Abair Liom – Súil siar C – lch. 122 agus 123

Access ebook on or click the link below:

I have also attached a  ‘help page’ which has all of the verbs in each of the tenses as well as what each verb means. Try them without this page first to see how you get on.

Thursday 7th – Lch 122 A

You need to fill in the blanks. You have been given the root of the verb. You need to change the verb to the Aimsir Fháistineach – Future Tense.

Mar shampla – Glan will become Glanfaidh, Ceannaigh will become Ceannóidh

I———at 8 o’clock. Firstly I————Mam around the house. I——-my bedroom. I———the dirty clothes and I——–them in the washing machine. Then, I ——to music for an hour or two. After lunch, I ——-in the garden with Oisín because the day is nice. That evening, I——-leggings and a couple of t-shirts inline. I need new comfortable clothes. ——- Movie marathon on the television at 7 o’clock. I ———-it with Seán and Oisín.


Friday 8th – Lch 123 C

You need to match opposites.

Mar Shampla dorcha (dark) – geal (bright).

Use a dictionary or fócló to help with these.



No new Mental Maths or Tables Champion this week. Go back and see if you have missed any pages and complete some of them.

Please click on your class for this week’s Maths activities

4th Class Maths

5th Class Maths

6th Class Maths

Other subjects

Please click on the link below for some activities across other subjects.

Other Subjects

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