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As we enter our final week of school, in a much different way than usual, I’m sure you are all tired of doing the ‘normal’ schoolwork and homework.  For the last few days, I have included a list of fun activities that you can pick and choose from.  Try to do a few of your own choice each day and you might like to try some of them during the summer months as well. Have Fun!  I have also sent an email regarding our whole school Summer Reading Initiative, which I’m sure you will all enjoy taking part in.  Don’t forget to wish all the Dads a ‘Happy Father’s Day’ on Sunday!

See below also some fun activities which can be printed if you wish!

  1. Play indoor/outdoor hide and seek.
  2. Try a new cookie or cake recipe. Bonus idea: Set up a camera or smart phone and film a cooking show!
  3. Go camping in the living room.
  4. Play board games.
  5. Design and go on an indoor treasure hunt.
  6. Plan a family garden.
  7. Set up an in-home nail salon and try some nail art techniques.
  8. Dress up in your best clothes and have a fancy dinner.
  9. Make friendship bracelets.
  10. Make and blow bubbles.
  11. Listen to an audiobook or podcast.
  12. Try Cosmic Kids Yoga.
  13. Create your own bingo cards and have a bingo tournament.
  14. Create a family tree.
  15. Learn and play a new card game.
  16. Teach yourself to juggle.
  17. Make a maze on the floor with painter’s tape.
  18. Play and draw with chalk.
  19. Play indoor/outdoor volleyball or soccer with balloons.
  20. Have a pizza party.
  21. Make a rainbow to support our frontline workers. Use your Imagination! (You could use lego, fabrics, plasticine or any other material).
  22. Make paper aeroplanes and see whose plane flies the farthest.
  23. Play dress up with mum and dad’s clothes.
  24. Make your own ice-lollies.
  25. Play “I Spy” inside or out the window.
  26. Face-time or Skype with family or friends.
  27. Have a tea party.
  28. Make some play dough.
  29. Create a nature scavenger hunt in your back yard.
  30. Play “The Floor is Lava.”
  31. Snuggle on the couch and read your favourite books.
  32. Rearrange or redecorate your room.
  33. Play in a bubble bath.
  34. Have a pillow fight.
  35. Make an indoor/outdoor obstacle course.
  36. Have a family music night.
  37. Build a giant fort out of blankets, chairs and pillows.
  38. Put on a puppet show.
  39. Make a scrapbook.
  40. Play marbles on the floor.
  41. Do a puzzle.
  42. Create a new dessert.
  43. Put on your bathrobes and play spa day.
  44. Play 20 Questions.
  45. Create creatures out of pipe cleaners.
  46. Make a treasure bottle.
  47. Decorate a T-shirt.
  48. Write letters to family and friends.
  49. Play hangman or tic-tac-toe.
  50. Make a time capsule! One day you could use it to tell your kids all about this craziness.

Printables – click to open

around the house scavenger hunt

My I Spy Scavenger Hunt

5 senses scavenger hunt

Time Capsule Worksheet

summer themed wordsearch

summer activity booklet

summer mindfulness colouring

2-D Shape Hunt