Remote Learning-5th & 6th Class, 1st-5th Feb

Dear Parents and Pupils

Unfortunately the hope that we would get back to school on 1st February has faded and it was not to be but hopefully that will change soon. Keep doing the wonderful work you are doing at home. A plan of work for 1st – 5th Feb in daily timetable format has now been emailed to you so please notify me on my email address if you have not received the same.

There will be another two Zoom classes next week, one on Tuesday 2nd February for Irish and the other on Thursday 4th February for English debating & novel discussion at 2.15pm on both days. As always the final part of each Zoom class will be set aside for Questions & Answers the pupils may have on any of their work. I am changing the way you are invited to these classes as emails are continually being sent after the requested time and I simply do not get back into my emails before I start zoom with the result that I don’t see any of these until it is too late. I understand this may be frustrating for you but the purpose of asking you in this way is a means of getting your consent for your child to attend Zoom as child protection is very much a key factor in online classes as much as it is at school. Not all pupils want to be involved in these online classes. From next week I am going to invite ALL pupils to the classes using the emails I send the plans to each week. If you do not want the link to Zoom then you simply don’t use it to enter the class.

By now you should have all collected your child’s new Novel and if you have not can you please notify me so we can arrange collection as soon as possible. This Novel is part of an initiative called ‘One Book, One County’ which is offered to 5th & 6th classes throughout the county of Monaghan. An interactive workshop/talk with the author, Ann Murtagh is available on completion of reading this book. A prize of an iPad is awarded to the school or class who have put the most effort into the programme.

If possible please try to collect some rushes over this weekend in advance of St.Brigid’s Day on Monday. If you cannot then strips of paper will also suffice. As always if you have any questions, queries or feedback, don’t hesitate to contact me on my email address.

Stay safe everyone and I hope with each week that goes by that I get to see you all soon.

Mrs Campbell