Remote Learning – Junior and Senior Infants

Hello boys and girls,

I hope that you all had a lovely Christmas break. I am so excited that, even though we cannot go back to school just yet, we can still learn lots and lots from home! Your parents have probably already explained to you all that teacher will be sending you lessons and you will complete them at home. Some of the lessons will be on Seesaw. Imagine getting to do your schoolwork on an iPad or laptop – lucky ducks! How amazing is it that we can learn in the comfort of our own homes!

Just like in school, I am always here to help you. If you’re finding something really really tough you can send me a voice message or note on Seesaw, or you could ask your Mammy or Daddy to email me.

I want you all to try your very best all of the time. You all work so hard in school, please work hard at home too! Listen to your parents and be patient with them. I am so proud of you all!

I have sent an email this evening with your work for this week. If your parents did not receive this, they can email me on

We will be chatting online through the week – I can’t wait!

Ms Atkinson.