Arrangements for First Confession 2020

First Confession will take place on Tuesday the 25th of February 2020 at 7p.m. in Saint Lastra’s Church for the girls and boys in Second Class.  Could all pupils (including our choir members and altar servers)be seated by 6.45p.m. sharp please. All children should be dressed in their full uniform. We look forward to joining the girls and boys as they celebrate this special and momentous milestone in their lives.

Christmas 2019 in Mrs. Mc Guirk’s Room

Mrs. Mc Guirk’s ‘LITTLE ELVES’ have been working very hard with Christmas activities. We have been singing ‘Tá an Nollaig Buailte Linn’, doing Christmas themed Irish role-plays, and making Christmas Cards ‘as Gaeilge’. The children have also been busy over the past number of weeks preparing for our play ‘The ABC Nativity’. Their hard work paid off and they put on a fabulous performance for all their families and friends.  In religion, we learned about Advent and the Nativity Story. We watched a cartoon of the Nativity story also.  Everyday we participated in an active Advent Calendar as part of our Active School’s Campaign. In English, we wrote Santa Letters and Interviews for Santa. We also played Chinese Whispers and I Spy as part of our oral language development.  At maths time, we begun lessons by answering Christmas themed riddles and completed various Christmas Themed maths activities. We also learned about Christmas traditions around the world and about the importance of fire safety at Christmas time. The children loved interviewing each other and being interviewed about Christmas in the past at our ‘Interview Station’.  We have created some lovely art work around the theme of Advent and Christmas. Some of our Christmas Activities can be viewed below!  I would like to take this opportunity to wish all the boy and girls and their families a Peaceful and Happy Christmas and I look forward to seeing you all in 2020.


Advent 2019

In Mrs. Mc Guirk’s Rooom, we have been learning about Advent and the significance of the Advent Wreath.

We watched a video on Advent, completed various worksheets and also made our own Advent Wreaths.


Writing Genres 1st-3rd Class

This month we have been focusing on persuasive writing.  After learning about how to write using persuasive language, the boys and girls designed their own brochures to persuade families to go on a ‘Winter Retreat’.  The children really enjoyed this activity and produced some excellent writing.  The children also shared some of their ideas in the ‘Reader’s Chair’.


Readers Theatre Initiative in 1st, 2nd and 3rd Class!

Readers Theatre


  • During October 2019, we commenced something new in our classroom called Reader’s Theatre!

  • In order to develop fluency and allow the children the chance to focus on their reading tone, changing their voice for different characters their reading pace and also their eye contact, children pick a paragraph of writing of their choice(e.g. Poem, Favourite Story, Piece from a Magazine or Comic) to read for the class. The children have a week to practice a piece(chosen on Monday)and then read for the class in Reader’s Theatre (on the Friday).

  • Four pupils take part in Reader’s Theatre per week. The children are really enjoying their time in Reader’s Theatre and it is fantastic to listen to them perfecting their reading skills, using their own chosen material. Well done boys and girls! Keep up the great work!


Having a Happy Halloween in 1st, 2nd and 3rd Class!!

Halloween in Our Classroom 2019!

This year we were ‘SPOOKTACULARLY’ busy in Mrs Mc Guirk’s classroom.  We created many pieces of art which can be seen below in our  gallery.  We played Irish games and sang Irish Songs for ‘Oíche Shamhna’.  We created some lovely ‘Cat agus Frámaí Oíche Shamnha’.  Our maths lesson included Halloween addition and roll the dice to make the pumpkin.  We looked at Acrostic Poems and Mrs. Mc Guirk was delighted with the creativity shown by her pupils when they wrote some of their own.  We learned about Halloween Safety in S.P.H.E. and also learned about the History of Halloween in History!  In music, we practised our moves to some Halloween Songs.  We enjoyed playing lots of Halloween games  like ‘Bob the apple’ and ‘Snatch the Apple’. We also kept active by getting involved in an active Halloween themed event as part of our Active School and Health Promoting School campaign!!

Pictures of our active event can be seen on our Active Flag Page.

At the end of the day, we also got to make ourselves a little Halloween Treat to take home!

Maths Week 2019

As part of Maths Week (12th -20th October), Mrs McGuirk’s room participated in various events associated with the theme ‘Keeping Active’ both physically and mentally. Children participated in active number rhymes with actions.  We continued with our Malin to Mizen head walking challenge. We participated in number orienteering and we also completed a maths trail.  We played lots of games in class too, using our interactive whiteboard and concrete materials.  Thanks boys and girls for your ACTIVE participation.

Timeless Memories in 1st, 2nd and 3rd Class

In our History Lessons (Myself and My Family and Change and Continuity), we have been learning bout the changes we go through during different time in our lives.  The  children put in lots of effort gathering information and writing about the important milestones in their lives. They then told the class about them in the ‘This is My Life Chair’. 

Bricfeasta sa Seomra Ranga 2019

We had great fun speaking Irish today and having our breakfast together in Mrs. Mc Guirk’s Room. We practiced our vocabulary(fóclóir), while having some ‘Bia Blasta’.


Have a Fantastic Summer!

Have a fantastic summer everyone! Congratulations on a great years work – Relax and enjoy the well deserved break!
From Mrs. Mc Guirk
Best of Luck 3rd class as you continue on your journey to fourth class!