Collaborative Art

Have a look at Ms. Atkinson’s class’ collaborative art that they completed on Tuesday 25th June 2019. It was a fantastic art lesson to finish the year on and it turned out beautifully!

Graduation 2019

Congratulations to our students Annie, Hannah, Millie, Eva, Ella, Kyeira, Céola, Ríbh, Shane, Dylan, Pádraic, Ronan, Gerard and Kevin who graduated from St. Michael’s National School on Monday 24th June 2019.

We are incredibly proud of the fantastic young adults you have become and we cannot wait to hear about all of the amazing things that you do in your future!

Check out the photos of our graduation party below…

Schools in the Past

We would like to extend our thanks to local man Frank Rooney who visited our school on Thursday 20th June 2019. Frank told the children some very interesting stories about life long ago, going into detail about life at school when he attended St. Michael’s National School. The children really enjoyed hearing about how he used to walk to school barefoot in the Summer time, and how girls were not allowed to play football at lunch time.

The art of storytelling is one that is slowly dwindling and we were very lucky that Frank gave up his time to provide this opportunity for the children.

Letter from Conor McManus

There was a lot of excitement in one house in Donaghmoyne on Tuesday 18th June when Molly received a letter from none other than Conor McManus! After writing a letter to Conor as part of an English lesson, Molly decided to send it off in the hopes that it would be read by the Monaghan star.

She was delighted to receive a reply and it’s very clear that Conor has high hopes for Molly’s Gaeilic career!


‘Farmyard in your Schoolyard’

On Wednesday 19th June 2019, the pupils in St. Michael’s National School Donaghmoyne, were very fortunate to have some special visitors come to our school. Stephen from ‘Farmyard in your Schoolyard’ came to visit, and brought along an array of farmyard animals. He talked to the boys and girls about the various animals, including goats, chickens, roosters, guinea pigs, rabbits and even Shaun the Sheep! The children loved having the opportunity to learn lots of interesting facts about these animals, as well as having the chance to pet them.

A word of sincere thanks to our Parent’s Association for organising and funding this fantastic event!

Carrickmacross Colouring Competition Success!

Congratulation to Molly who won first place in the age 10-12 category, and to Maggie who won second place in the age 8-10 category, in the Carrickmacross Festival Colouring Competition.

We are very proud of you both!

School Uniform

We would like to remind parents of the school uniform that is expected to be worn daily in St. Michael’s National School.

Our uniform consists of dark grey trousers / skirt / pinafore, a grey t-shirt and a maroon jumper with the school crest. We ask that children do not wear black, navy or patterned trousers, and strictly no labels or logos (e.g. o’neills, nike etc.).

Parents, please make a special effort to ensure that your child is wearing the correct uniform every day.

An example of the appropriate school uniform can be seen below.

Monaghan County Museum Visit

On Thursday 28th of March 2019, we were very fortunate to have Pauline Tilson from Monaghan County Museum visit our school to give a talk about World War II. The children learned lots about evacuees and what their lives entailed. They watched a video of a man telling his story as an evacuee. They looked at a suitcase containing items that evacuees would have had when they were forced to leave their homes. They also learned about rationing and what things people would have been allowed during war times. The children also made their own name tags, like the ones worn by evacuees and they imagined they were an evacuee and wrote a letter home to their families. The children found the visit informative and enjoyable.  A huge thank you to Pauline for her time! 

We were very fortunate to have Pauline back to visit us again on Monday 21st  May 2019. This time around, we learned about different types of transport people used around the time of World War II. We learned about the different types of bicycles and cars from the past and about the Great Northern Railway that was in operation a that time. The children got the chance to examine photographic evidence as well as the opportunity to handle some artefacts from that period.

Pauline joined us for her final visit (Monday 27th May 2019). She spoke to the pupils from 1st to 6th class on communication during World War II. The pupils learned about the most common forms of communication at the time, including, letters, telegrams, newspapers and television. The children examined evidence of different communication forms from the past and compared them with the modern form they are familiar with today. Once again, thanks to Pauline for spending time with us and informing us about lots of interesting facts surrounding World War II!

Confirmation 2019

Congratulations to the 14 children from St. Michael’s N.S. who were confirmed by Mgr Joseph McGuinness on Sunday 12th May 2019 in St Patrick’s Church Broomfield. Sincere thanks to their parents, families, sponsors and teachers who prepared them so well for confirmation, and to all involved in the ceremony.

Our most heartfelt thanks to the choir for the fine choice of music and singing so beautifully, which greatly enriched the ceremony.