Nursery Rhyme Challenge

The infants never cease to amaze us as they complete their second Nursery Rhyme Challenge. Well done to all the boys and girls who proudly present their certificates!

Christmas Activities in the Infant Classroom

The last few weeks have been packed with fun, excitement and creativity in the Infant Classroom. The children engaged in a variety of Christmas activities such as learning Christmas rhymes, singing songs both in English and Irish; two of our favourites being ‘Jingle Bells’ and ‘Tá an Nollaig Buaillte Linn’. We learned about Advent, The Christmas Story and chatted about Christmas traditions both in Ireland and in other countries worldwide. We also enjoyed doing a Christmas quiz together. The children made unique Christmas tree decorations using lollipop sticks and decorated with assorted jewels and buttons. Our sticky fingers got to work on making edible Christmas trees covered with smarties and sprinkles…yummy!!

All of the boys and girls in Junior and Senior Infants are on Santa’s good list this year and so we are now ready for our holidays as we eagerly await Santa’s visit… only a few more sleeps to go!

Merry Christmas everyone!


Winter Robins

These beautiful robins were made by some very creative infants this Winter. Don’t forget to leave food out for them!


The children in Junior and Senior Infants worked tirelessly in groups in order to design and make the most creative and unique buildings you’ve ever seen in conjunction with our SESE theme of ‘Homes and Houses’. There may well be some engineers or architects in the making!

8 Rhyme Challenge

All the children in Junior and Senior Infants have been working very hard since September to learn one rhyme per week. They have all just succeeded in completing their very first 8 Rhyme Challenge this year. Mrs Campbell is really proud of everyone. Congratulations to all the boys and girls on being awarded their Certificate!!

Halloween Art in Infants

Junior and Senior Infants made the most creative and personalised Frankenstein Hallowe’en cards for their loved ones. Well done everyone!!

Art Gallery

Take a look and you will see some of the outstanding art activities that the children took part in since September. What a wonderful effort by all!

Humpty Dumpty


Infants worked really hard a few weeks ago to put Humpty Dumpty back together again…It was a challenging task but they did a miraculous job!!!

Maths Week in Infants

Maths Week in the Infant Classroom was a huge success! The children participated in a variety of activities including skip counting from 2 to 30 as they skipped, and marching and jumping to the accompanying music. They also chanted number rhymes with our rhyme of the week being one of our favourites, Two Little Dickie Birds. The children also worked impressively in pairs to engage in our Maths Trail at the end of the week. Well done to all for their participation and effort!!