Maths Week 2019

As part of Maths Week (12th -20th October), Mrs McGuirk’s room participated in various events associated with the theme ‘Keeping Active’ both physically and mentally. Children participated in active number rhymes with actions.  We continued with our Malin to Mizen head walking challenge. We participated in number orienteering and we also completed a maths trail.  We played lots of games in class too, using our interactive whiteboard and concrete materials.  Thanks boys and girls for your ACTIVE participation.

Timeless Memories in 1st, 2nd and 3rd Class

In our History Lessons (Myself and My Family and Change and Continuity), we have been learning bout the changes we go through during different time in our lives.  The  children put in lots of effort gathering information and writing about the important milestones in their lives. They then told the class about them in the ‘This is My Life Chair’. 

Bricfeasta sa Seomra Ranga 2019

We had great fun speaking Irish today and having our breakfast together in Mrs. Mc Guirk’s Room. We practiced our vocabulary(fóclóir), while having some ‘Bia Blasta’.


Football Coach in Our School September-October 2019

Our children continue to focus on Health Promotion and continue to practice our Active Flag Initiative as they take part in soccer skills with Euan Treanor during September and October.  Have a look at some of their activities below!  Thanks to Euan for visiting our school and sharing his knowledge and expertise with us.



Welcome Back

Welcome back everyone and a special welcome to all our new students. There has been a great buzz this week and it has been wonderful to hear all of the children’s stories from their summer holidays. We are looking forward to an exciting year ahead.

Art Masterpieces in Infants

A small selection of the talented artists in our Infants Class as they all created masterpieces with Fabric & Fibre…some fashion designers in the making I think! In addition they brought a splash of colour to our classroom with their beautiful sun & rainbow pieces in the final weeks of school.