Special Education Needs Teacher: Ms. Whelan (Principal)

Special Needs Assistant: Ms. Cunningham

Junior & Senior Infant Teacher: Ms. Atkinson

First & Second Class Teacher: Mrs. McGuirk

Third & Fourth Class Teacher: Mrs. Lennon

Fifth & Sixth Class Teacher: Mrs. Campbell (Vice Principal)

Secretary: Debby Fee


Meet Our Staff!

This is Ms Whelan. She is the Special Education Needs teacher. She is also the Principal of our school.

“She is very funny and always plays lots of games with us”

“She gives us a sweet if we work really hard”

“Sometimes she lets us play with her lego”

“She is very kind and is good craic”

“She helps us with our reading in her classroom”



This is Ms Cunningham. She is the Special Education Needs Assistant.

“She is very kind and friendly”

“She takes us out on the yard to play”

“She helps us when we are stuck at Maths”

“She does our reading with us”



This is Ms Atkinson. She teaches Junior & Senior Infants.

“She is always happy and cheery”

“Ms Atkinson is a teacher and a friend”

“She is a very good teacher. She is especially good at History”

“She always helps when you are stuck on something”

“She is really good craic and tells good jokes”

“She lets us go on the tablets”



This is Mrs McGuirk. She teaches First & Second Class.

“If you have a problem, you can always talk to her about it”

“She is so nice. If I fall she helps me”

“When I am sad or worried, she helps me feel better”

“Mrs McGuirk ties my shoelaces”

“She is kind and lovely. She always helps me with my Maths”



This is Mrs Lennon. She teaches Third & Fourth Class.

“She has fun ways of teaching us new things”

“She lets us play board games and on the tablets”

“She is always kind and helpful”


This is Mrs Campbell. She teaches Fifth & Sixth Class. She is also the Vice Principal of our school.

“She lets us do fun activities and Golden Time”

“She is very kind and she does amazing work with the Green Schools”

“Mrs Campbell is a very nice person. If there is something wrong she is always happy to help”

“She helps us to write”

“She lets us go on the tablets”


This is Debby Fee. She is our secretary. 

“She is very kind and cheers us up if we are sad”

“She is so caring and always puts our problems before her own”

“She gives us an ice pack if we hurt ourselves”