Physical Education in our School!

The Physical Education Curriculum is for children from Junior Infants to Sixth Class. The curriculum contributes to children’s overall development by helping them to lead full, active and healthy lives.

The P.E. curriculum provides a balanced range of activities for children through the six strands:

  • Athletics
  • Dance
  • Gymnastics
  • Games
  • Outdoor and adventure activities
  • Aquatics.

The current curriculum was introduced as part of the Primary School Curriculum (1999).  Here in Saint Michael’s National School we aim to provide a balance PE Programme, contributing to the overall development of the child.

Schools have long been viewed as important settings for the socialisation of children, thereby influencing their health and social development. Educational outcomes are a recognised determinant of both child and adult health, consequently schools have both an immediate and longer-term influence on children’s well-being. In recognition of this role, the concept of the HPS was first proposed.  Offering PE is essential to promoting physical, social, emotional and mental health in children and helping in developing a holistic child. Saint Michael’s National School have embraced becoming an Active School in order to provide this opportunity for all our pupils.

As a staff we have looked at several different areas in order to improve our approaches and knowledge in the area of PE education, some of which are detailed below.


A survey was carried out among parents, staff and pupils to evaluate areas of strength and weakness in the area of PE.

As a staff we revised our current PE Whole School Plan and had it ratified by the Board of Management in the academic year 2018 -2019 (Above surveys were used to revise the whole school plan).

We introduced the PAWS Programme in all classes as an alternative to the aquatics strand.

We have introduced using the WALT(We are Learning to) and WILF(What am I looking for) into our PE Lessons as forms of assessment.

A WOW Wall was introduced to acknowledge children’s sporting achievements, both inside and outside of the school.

Self Evaluation:

We have chosen Physical Education and Well Being as our area for Self Evaluation (September 2018-June 2021).

PDST(Professional Development Services for Teachers)

In the Academic Year 2018-2019 we as a staff engaged in CPD with the PDST in the areas of gymnastics and orienteering as we felt these were two areas that we could improve on.

Active Flag Initiative

As part of our Health Promotion Campaign and to improve the overall physical, mental, emotional and social education for our pupils, we decided to join the Active Flag Initiative in October 2017.  Lots more information on this Initiative can be viewed on


PSSI (Primary Schools Sports Initiative) -Lessons for all strands and age levels are used to inform and teach PE.

Membership to Irish PE Association- Provide a wealth of PE Ideas across all strands, Information on ongoing PDST Training in different areas and links to sites with lots of lesson plan ideas (e.g. PSSI and PDST Lesson ideas from workshops and Move Well, Move Often Lesson.

Monaghan GAA-We are delighted to receive annual coaching sessions from Monaghan GAA.  Our pupils always look forward to these sessions and they learn valuable skills in a fun way! Our teachers also gain a wealth of knowledge by watching these lessons.

Wellness Wednesday

During our school closure due to Covid -19, we were very conscious of the impact the virus was causing on our students and whole school community.  As both a Health Promoting School and Active School, we decided to introduce an initiative called Wellness Wednesday to support children and families in maintaining fitness and mental health!

Every Wednesday, children and their families were encouraged to get active by choosing an activity from the list of Wellness Wednesday activities provided or doing something active of their own. See below some of the activities our pupils and families got up to!

We also introduced Zoom P.E. as part of Wellness Wednesday, where staff, pupils and their families got active each Wednesday by partaking in fun games and exercises guided by an online coach! To mark the end of our school year, we even held a Zoom Sports Day – which everyone really enjoyed.

Relax Kids in Saint Michael’s National School Donaghmoyne!

The children in our in our school really enjoyed their first session of Relax Kids on Thursday 30th January 2020 and are excited about their next class.

The sessions are aimed at primary school children and run in 6 week courses.

They involve warm up and movement, relaxing mindfulness games, stretching and breathing exercises, massage, affirmations, storytelling and visualisations.

The sessions take children from high energy to low energy and encourage them to relax while developing their creativity and imagination.

Each session has a theme which brings the child on a different adventure each week, from pirates to outer space to wizards. The sessions not only enable the child to learn the beautiful art of mindfulness but also equip them with tools to deal with stressful situations and anxiety, building their emotional resilience and self esteem along the way.

A huge thank-you to Olivia Monaghan for coming and teaching our children such wonderful skills, in such a fun and meaningful way.  This is another initiative which goes hand in hand with our ongoing Health Promoting Ethos in our School.

Active Flag Activities for Halloween 2019!

We got active for our Health Promoting Schools Campaign on Thursday 24th October 2019.  We looked terrifyingly good as we did our various circuits.

Well done everyone for your participation and a huge thank you to all our active leaders for leading the events.

Football Coach in Our School September / October 2019

Our children continue to focus on Health Promotion and continue to practice our Active Flag Initiative as they take part in soccer skills with Euan Treanor during September and October. Have a look at some of their activities below!

Thanks to Euan for visiting our school and sharing his knowledge and expertise with us.


Bike Green – Monaghan Sports Partnership

On Friday 21st June 2019, we were very fortunate to be offered a free taster session from Bike Green by the Monaghan Sports Partnership. Junior Infants, Senior Infants and First Class got to learn many valuable cycling skills, using balance bikes.

A massive thank you to Seán and Francis for coming to visit us today and providing the children with this fantastic opportunity!

Flag Raising Ceremony

There was huge excitement in St. Michael’s National School on Wednesday 19th June 2019 as we came together as a school community to raise three very important and well-deserved flags. Both staff and pupils have worked extremely hard and have shown huge dedication and commitment to achieve a flag for Water Conservation and Preservation, a flag for recognition as a Health Promoting School and also a flag for achieving Active School Status. We had a fantastic day gathering together to mark our success.

On the day we also opened our beautiful new friendship garden. A sincere word of thanks to our parent’s association for making our friendship garden possible – your unending support doesn’t go unnoticed!

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who attended the Flag Raising Ceremony and who contributed in any way to making the day a memorable one. A special thank you also to our special guests ‘Hiphopical’ for their fantastic dance display and to Drew Wylie from the Monaghan County Team who raised our three flags for us.

Well done to everyone! Our staff and pupils are very proud to be flying the flags for St. Michael’s N.S. Donaghmoyne.

Conor Mc Skeane Memorial Shield 2019

Congratulations to the children from Mrs. Mc Guirk’s first class who were chosen to represent us at the Conor Mc Skeane Memorial Shield Football Blitz.

Well done on your fantastic efforts and congratulations on receiving your two beautiful medals!

It is wonderful to see our school competing in this very special and worthwhile annual event.



Community Games 2019

Congratulations to the boys in third class on their recent achievement in the Under 10 Gaelic Football Community Games Competition.

The boys reached the county final and should be very proud of their efforts!