Halloween 2021 in 1st and 2nd Class

We had so much fun dressing up for Halloween. Just look at our costumes! Don’t we all look fabulous?

What a great way to end our first eight weeks in 1st and 2nd Class. We have worked so hard and look forward to being back at school after our break for more learning and funfilled activities.

Happy Halloween from all the boys and girls in 1st and 2nd Class!

October Mask Designing in 1st and 2nd Class


We had so much fun drawing and designing our very own masks. We were all going to do Halloween masks but since we only use them once a year, we thought it would be an even better idea to pick our own theme and design our masks based on the theme. Some of us still chose a Halloween theme while others chose, Spring, Summer, Egypt, the moon and many other themes.

It took us two weeks to complete this art as we had to paint first and let that dry and then add colour to our drawings.

Our masks are something we will be able to keep forever. They are on display in our school corridor at the moment for everyone to see because we are so proud of them.

October Science in 1st and 2nd Class

For a few weeks in October we learned all about teeth as part of our science lessons. We learned the different names for our teeth and what each tooth is used for. We know that we have 20 baby teeth and these are the teeth t the tooth fairy comes to collect before we get our permanent teeth. Here is a look at some of us doing a worksheet at the end of one of our lessons. We had to stick all the teeth into the correct places.

It was so much fun!

October Halloween Art in 1st and 2nd Class

Our Halloween Art this year was all about focusing on bright and dark colours. We painted first and then we drew Halloween themed pictures and painted them black to create the most SPOOKtacular Silhouettes!

Maths Focus in October in 1st and 2nd Class

We were busy during the month of October doing our maths. Our focus in 1st Class was combining and partitioning sets. We loved active learning in pairs and enjoyed all the games we played. We also did so many maths challenges as part of Maths Week which also took place this month.

October News Reporting in 1st and 2nd Class

During the month of October we were busy working on our Oral Language skills. We loved news time each week as we had the opportunity to use the RTE Microphone. We felt like real news reporters.

Maybe some day in the future you will see some of us reporting on the Six One News.


September in 1st and 2nd Class: Pop Art

We really enjoyed our Pop Art lesson inspired by the work of Andy Warhol. Teacher took pictures of us and printed them in black and white. We added colour by using oil pastels for the first time. We added some really cool and funky hair colours and designs that we thought best suited our personalities.

How cool is our work?


Halloween 2021

We had great day on 22nd October 2021 celebrating Halloween in St. Michael’s National School. The children dressed up and each class had a Halloween party. We took part in Trick-or-Treat for Temple Street and raised €170 for this very worthy cause, well done everyone!

We also held a socially-distanced fancy dress parade and fancy dress competition. Congratulations to our winners – Lucas, Calum, Calum, Anna, Saoirse, Tom, Liam and Cassie.

Well done to everyone on an amazing first term! We look forward to seeing you all in November!