Infants End of Term

Dear Parent

The end of our school year has arrived in a very different way to previous years. Thank you for your support and co-operation as becoming partners in your child’s education was taken to a whole new level over the last few months but we did it and you should all be very proud of what you have achieved with your child.

I have now sent a number of fun activities by email which could be used next week or indeed as time fillers throughout the summer. As always encourage your child to read and be read to frequently. In this regard I highly recommend that you take on our whole school Summer Reading Initiative which has been explained in my email and I’ve also attached the necessary resources here too.

I hope to see you all on Zoom next Tuesday 23rd June at 10.00am for our final goodbye!

Have a restful and fun summer everyone!

Mrs Campbell




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Infants Plan of Work 15th-19th June

Dear Parents

Here we are at our last week of sending structured plans so hang in there and give them your best effort!

All plans and resources have now been sent by email. Lots of lovely creative Father’s Day projects this week should you choose any for those special Dad’s and Grandad’s!

I hope to see you all on Zoom next Tuesday.

Enjoy your week everyone

Mrs Campbell

15th Jun-19th Jun JI

15th Jun-19th Jun SI

Infants Plan of Work 8th-12th June

Dear Parents

All work plans and associated resources have now been sent to you by email for next weeks learning. Please let me know if you have not received any of these.

Positive news today with moving to Phase 2 and the easing of some restrictions so while the home-schooling is challenging especially in June, please keep it going as together we are making a difference!

As always please contact me for anything I can assist you with.

Enjoy the week ahead and I will see you all on Zoom next Tuesday 9th June!

Stay safe

Mrs Campbell

8th Jun-12th Jun JI

8th Jun-12th Jun SI


Infants Plan of Work 2nd-5th June

Hi everyone

Below are the weekly work plans which have now been sent alongside the associated resources and worksheets to your email addresses.

Zoom will change from Tuesday to Thursday 4th June next week at 10.00am for Senior Infants and 10.40am for Junior Infants. PE will also be available via Zoom on Wednesday at 10.00am so I hope you join in for some exercise and fun!

Have a lovely long and hopefully sunny bank holiday weekend!

Mrs Campbell

2nd June-5th June JI

2nd June-5th June SI


Parents and Students

We hope you are all keeping well and staying safe. Firstly, we want to remind you that teachers will only set work for Thursday and Friday next week due to the bank holiday.

We are incredibly proud of all our students (and their families) for the massive effort that they have  put in over the last number of weeks, to ensure learning continues. We know that as the weeks go on, and the weather gets better, it is getting harder to remain focused.  However, you have all been brilliant and are working so hard that we feel you deserve a special treat.

On Wednesday 3rd, Wednesday 10th and Wednesday 17th June at 10am, we have organised a PE coach to do fun Zoom PE sessions for you (and all your family).  You’d never know, maybe some of the staff might join in to !!!!!  It’s a great way to stay fit, see your friends and enjoy Wellness Wednesday. We would love to have our whole school community taking part in these sessions together.

Make sure we have an up to date email address for you all, if you are not sure, please send your email address to On Wednesday morning, we will send a link to your email address at approx. 9.50am and once you click on the link to join, you will be connected to the session.


Enjoy your June bank holiday weekend, and we hope to see you all on Wednesday


From all the staff

Infants Plan of Work 25th-29th May

Hi everyone

As we enter into the last week of May with our home-schooling, having been separated for so long from our teachers and friends, I have to say I am so proud of how hard you are all working so please keep it up!

As always it is lovely to see you on Zoom each Tuesday. Next week will be a little different as we go into our class groups and don’t forget our Show and Tell, I cannot wait to see what you all have to show me!

Work plans can be viewed below but have also been emailed to you along with additional resources and worksheets.

Have a lovely weekend and week ahead everyone.

Mrs Campbell

25th May-29th May SI

25th May-29th May JI

Infants Plan of Work 18th -22nd May

Hi everyone

All work plans and associated resources have now been sent by email so as always please notify me if you have not received them. Keep up the good work everyone as I can see you’re doing a great job!

Zooming is going great and the kids are really adjusting well so I look forward to seeing as may of you as possible next Tuesday 19th May at 10.00am.

Enjoy lots of family fun time over the next week!

Mrs Campbell

18th May-22nd May JI

18th May-22nd May SI

Infants Plan of Work 11th-15th May

Hi everyone

So another week passes us by and it looks like home-schooling is going to proceed to the end of this academic year so we will all do our best to get through it together.

This weeks work plans have now been emailed to you along with some resources so please let me know if you have not received them. See you on Zoom next Tuesday 12th May at 10.00am!!

11th May-15th May JI

11th May-15th May SI



Infants Plan of Work 6th-8th May

Hi everyone

It was super to see so many of you on Zoom this week and I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible again next week although Zoom will change to Friday 8th May at 10.00am instead.

Have a lovely bank holiday weekend spending quality time with your families and hopefully getting as much sunshine as possible.

All work plans, resources and worksheets have now been sent by email to you so please notify me if you have not received it or if you have any queries.

Stay safe

Mrs Campbell

6th May-8th May JI

6th May-8th May SI


Parents and Students

We hope you are all staying safe and well and wish you a wonderful May bank holiday weekend.

Firstly, for our second class students, Jamie, Calum, Ben, Isobel, Tara and Lucy. We know this weekend was to be your special one. While you can’t celebrate your First Communion at the minute , we wish you and your families a lovely weekend and we look forward to even bigger celebrations when your First Communion Day does arrive. A big thank you to your teacher for all her hard work in preparing you for First Communion .

Booklists and Book Rental Agreements have been emailed to all families. Please confirm with Debby if you wish to join the scheme at

Well done to all families for participating in Wellness Wednesday again. It looks like you are all having loads of fun and enjoying plenty of family time. Visit our school facebook page to see some fabulous photographs.

In line with the school calendar, we have decided to give the children Monday and Tuesday off school work next week. Wednesday will remain Wellness Wednesday and therefore teachers will only assign school work for Thurs and Friday .

Finally , a very big thank you to all our families who have engaged so well with us in our new teaching approaches and a massive thank you to our teachers and staff for working so hard and continuing to provide the best possible education for the students of St Michael’s National School in such difficult times.

Stay Safe