Nursery Rhyme Challenge

Amid all the excitement of Christmas the children in Junior and Senior Infants still managed to work really hard on learning and reciting their rhymes with the result that they successfully completed their second Nursery Rhyme Challenge. Congratulations everyone!!

Christmas in the Infant Room

We had so much fun in the Infant room with our Christmas theme. We learned Christmas songs and rhymes and did a great job making Rudolf decorations for our Christmas trees. The most fun however took place in the Aistear room where the excitement of Christmas filled the air as the children engaged in an array of activities such as making Christmas playdough treats, printing wrapping paper and some even managed the difficult task of wrapping their boxes with the paper. The construction & small world stations had a hive of activity from making Santa’s sleigh and loading it with presents to delivering them all over the world. Some traffic jams were encountered along the way and would you believe there were even bad guys trying to steal the presents but the Gardaí soon sorted those guys out! At the home corner Santa’s workshop was buzzing with lots of calls to be made to ensure all the elves were on target for Christmas and most importantly there was always someone to make Santa a cup of tea!

Have a magical Christmas one and all!!

Nursery Rhyme Challenge

All the infants have been working really hard on learning their nursery rhymes over the last few months both at school and at home. They impressed us all as they chanted their 8 rhymes from the start of the year and so successfully passed their very first 8 rhyme challenge in their new classes…well done everyone!!

Experimenting with Clay!

Art has been very exciting over the last few weeks especially when the boys and girls experimented with clay! What masterpieces they moulded when the most amazing prickly hedgehogs emerged from their creative work.

Infant Activities

Junior and Senior Infants have been very busy since settling into school. Senior infants enjoyed making lots of different patterns. Junior infants loved making their new numbers with playdough.

Welcome Back

Welcome back everyone and a special welcome to all our new students. There has been a great buzz this week and it has been wonderful to hear all of the children’s stories from their summer holidays. We are looking forward to an exciting year ahead.

Graduation in Infants

Congratulations to Junior and Senior Infants for graduating from their respective classes. Well done to each and every one of you for your dedication and commitment to your work throughout the year. Good luck to Senior Infants as they move into First Class, we will miss them terribly. Thankfully we get to hold onto the Junior Infants for another year as they move to Senior Infants and we all look forward to getting to know our new pupils at the end of August. School’s out for summer, have a really enjoyable one everyone!!

Ice Cream at School !!!

Have you ever seen such beaming smiles before??? Not unless you got an ice cream at school from the Ice Cream Van! It goes without saying from these little faces that everyone enjoyed their surprise! Thank you to the Parents Association for organising and funding this.

Art Masterpieces in Infants

A small selection of the talented artists in our Infants Class as they all created masterpieces with Fabric & Fibre…some fashion designers in the making I think! In addition they brought a splash of colour to our classroom with their beautiful sun & rainbow pieces in the final weeks of school.

Nursery Rhyme Challenge

Congratulations once again to Junior and Senior Infants for completing their fourth and final 8 Rhyme Challenge!