Easter in Junior and Senior Infants

We had a wonderful time preparing for Easter in Junior and Senior Infants this year. We learned all about the Easter story in Religion, learned lots of new vocabulary in Gaeilge through oral language games and completed some Easter themed art activities. We also made chocolate cornflake nests as part of our cooking/baking programme, and even had a surprise visit from the Easter Bunny!

Autism Awareness Day 2022

On Friday 1st April 2022 we celebrated Autism Awareness Day. Firstly, we recapped on what we had learned last year about autism. We then learned about living with autism from the perspective of Megan, a ten year old girl from Canada whose little brother Matt has autism. We learned a lot from watching Megan go through daily life, and we have definitely taken away some brilliant ways to help make life easier for someone with autism. We also wore blue on the day to support Autism Awareness!

Thank you to all of the boys and girls for taking part.


Smoothies in the Infant Classroom

The penultimate week of our cooking/baking programme seen us making smoothies which we were delighted to enjoy outside! It’s great to see the good weather here!


We have been very busy in the infant classroom lately. We are lucky to be joined by Ms Collier, a student teacher, over the next few weeks. We are still enjoying our GAA coaching every week with Cillian, and have also been flat out baking every Tuesday! You can see some of the yummy treats that we have made so far below!


We also held a Lá Glás to celebrate Seachtain na Gaeilge. The children went on a leprechaun hunt around that school grounds and although we spotted a few, we didn’t manage to catch one!

Cookery in the Infant Room

For session two of our cookery programme, we made pizzas! We had so much fun preparing these yummy snacks!

Pancake Tuesday in the Infant Room

Our infants were so excited on Tuesday 1st March 2022 as we begun our six-week cooking/baking block. Week one happened to fall on Pancake Tuesday so we decided to make some yummy pancakes! We learned all about following a recipe, and how to measure the ingredients. Our infants did an amazing job baking, and sampling, their recipe!



Winter Art in the Infant Classroom

Our infants have been working hard this January learning all about Winter. Have a look at some of the art projects we completed as part of our learning!

St. Brigid’s Day

Our wonderful infants learned all about St. Brigid on 1st February 2022. We then made these beautiful St. Brigid’s cloaks using fabric.

Christmas in Junior and Senior Infants

The past few weeks have been packed with fun, excitement and creativity in the infant classroom. The children engaged in a variety of different Christmas activities, such as learning Christmas rhymes, singing songs as Gaeilge, and learning about Christmas traditions. We also learned all about Advent and the Christmas Story.

We enjoyed completing a variety of Christmas art projects. The children made Christmas Tree decorations from clay, Santa masks and Christmas cards for their parents.

We had lots of fun rehearsing for our Christmas Concert – the infants put on an amazing show! All of the boys and girls in Junior and Senior Infants are on Santa’s good list this year and so we are now eagerly awaiting Santa’s visit… only a few more sleeps to go!

Merry Christmas everyone!