School Tour 2023

Staff and pupils were full of excitement on Friday 19th May 2023 as we set off on our annual school tour. Our destination was the ‘Crystal Maze Outdoor Activity Venue’ in Kilmainhamwood. The children got involved in several physical, mental, skill and water-based challenges, based around Ireland’s largest hedge maze. We had a wonderful day!



This term, Debby has been teaching sewing to the children in all classes. We can’t believe how skillful they have become in just a few shorts weeks, and it’s clear how much they are really enjoying it!

Autism Awareness Day 2023

Spirits were high on Friday 28th April 2023 in St. Michael’s National School as we celebrated our third annual Autism Awareness Day. The children in each class took part in various lessons to raise awareness of autism. They learned what autism is, how to communicate with someone who has autism and how we can make school life easier for someone with autism. The teachers were so impressed with how children engaged with the lessons, and how much knowledge they had retained from last year.

We are so proud of our inclusive school!

Accelerated Reader

Congratulations to our star readers for the month of March – Isobel, Kyle and Luke.

Our class readers of the month were 3rd and 4th Class.

Well done everyone!

Easter Raffle / Food Bank Collection

We are so incredibly proud of our amazing student council! They have worked tirelessly over the past few weeks organising our Easter Raffle and Food Collection for Carrickmacross Food Bank. We filled over 50 bags of groceries and treats for local families to enjoy over the Easter holidays. Thank you to all of the students and parents who have supported this cause, we are very lucky to have such a generous population in our small school!
Thank you to Kathleen from Carrickmacross Food Bank who came to collect the items. The work that they do for local people is absolutely outstanding – we are lucky to have such kind people amongst us.
Congratulations to our raffle winners – Teagan, Kelsie and Oisín.

Happy Easter from 5th & 6th Class

Lots of wonderful work has been going on in the senior classroom as the pupils worked co-operatively in their buddy groups to plan, research, display and present outstanding projects on The Famine and the 1916 Rising. Well done everyone!


In SESE over recent weeks, 5th & 6th class embarked on the Lego We Do challenge and wow were the results superb! Watch these videos to see their amazing creations.






Construction projects were simply outstanding as these photos clearly show.

Real-life Maths took the pupils to measuring many distances around the school building. Lots of fun with this one! As part of our Shape strand 5th & 6th class also engaged in a variety of shape-based activities such as making 3D shapes and working with tangrams from which unique designs emerged.

We are all very proud of our 6th class who made their Confirmation on 25th March. Congratulations to you all and we hope you had a memorable weekend of celebrations with your families.

Happy Easter one and all and we look forward to our last term together in April!!


Lá Glás

On Thursday 16th March we held a Lá Glás in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day! On the day we held a whole-school ceolchoirm which seen many of the children perform dances/songs for their peers. Well done everyone!

Student Council

Our student council have been working very hard over the past month. After discussions with their class, the student councilors brought many fantastic ideas forward.

Firstly, they felt that birthdays weren’t being properly celebrated in St. Michael’s and came up with the idea of purchasing a birthday badge for each class so that people could feel more special on their birthday. They decided to write a letter to our board of management to request money to purchase birthday badges and thankfully, our board of management agreed. Luke and Katelyn travelled to Carrick to purchase the badges and the children are now delighted that they feel a little extra-special on their birthday!

Secondly, the children felt that it was time we brought back our pre-covid Pancake Tuesday tradition. The student council wrote a letter to our Parent’s Association asking if they would be available to come in on Pancake Tuesday to make pancakes for the children. We had a wonderful day and were very grateful to our Parent’s Association for making this happen.

Finally, our student council took a key role during our enrolment evening on 23rd February. They helped the teachers set up on the night and gave tours of our school to parents on the night.

The student council are now working on an Easter Raffle, as well as a collection for Carrickmacross Food Bank. We are very proud of the work that they have put in over the past month, we’ll done everyone!

Student Council

In January 2023 we seen the establishment of the first student council in St. Michael’s National School. The aim of the student council is to provide students with greater involvement in the decision-making procedures of the school and learn about the democratic process. We believe that students have a vital role to play in creating a positive and welcoming school environment conducive to learning and happiness. We predict that our Student Council will play a requisite role in achieving this.

Two children from each class were elected by secret ballot on Friday 13th January and will retain their positions on the council for the duration of the school year. Infant classes are represented by the two elected pupils from 6th Class. Well done to everyone who applied to be part of our first ever student council. You have worked very hard and we are very proud of you all.

We are delighted to introduce our new Student Council to you all. The children elected for the 2022/2023 school year are as follows:

1st Class – Kylah and Eoghan

2nd Class – Katelyn and Luke

3rd Class – Saoirse and Kyle

4th Class – Amy and Oisín

5th Class – Lucy and Ben

6th Class – Zara and Isobel

Our first student council meeting will take place on Wednesday 18th January at 2pm.

Term 2 in 5th and 6th Class

The second term has been a hive of activity in 5th & 6th Class. The pupils engaged in Procedural Writing in both English and Irish. Dramas were created in groups as part of our Irish learning on ‘Bia’ agus ‘Sa Bhialann’ which were quite the entertainment!


A lot of planning, research and learning took place with the compilation and presentation of the children’s projects on World War 1 which were assessed by their peers.

In recent weeks 5th & 6th class had fun with fantasy poems and even wrote some amazing fantasy poems themselves.

Of course the highlight of this term has been taking part in our highly successful school production, ‘School of Rock’. Next stop-Hollywood!! The excitement has been mounting in our classroom also for the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas songs & dances have permeated classroom activities for days now and the pupils made some beautiful Christmas Tree paper plates using skilful weaving.


Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Enjoy all the festivities!