Friendship Slogan and Friendship Poem Competition

To further encourage friendship and its importance in our school (as part of our Mental Health and Well-being Initiative), we held a ‘Friendship Slogan’ and ‘Acrostic Poem’ Competition. This was to encourage children to think about friendship and what a ‘good friend’ is.

We had lots of fantastic entries! Our chosen poem and slogans that represent the meaning of friendship can be seen below. Well done to all of the children that entered!


by Joseph
Friendship is caring,
Respecting others!
I think friendship is nice.
Everything about friendship is nice.
Nothing can break up friendship.
Don’t let anyone bully you!
Step up if your friends are getting bullied.
Helping others is friendship.
I like to play with my friends.
Please don’t be nasty to people and get more friends.


Friendship is …
by Ella 


Friendship is …
by Millie