Lego Workshop

The boys and girls had great fun on Friday 15th March during our Lego workshop!


As part of our ACTIVE SCHOOL Campaign and our HEALTH PROMOTING SCHOOL Campaign and as part of our ‘Transport’ Theme in our GREEN SCHOOL’S Campaign, our whole school take part in WOW (Walk on Wednesday)on the first Wednesday of each month.  It’s a great way to  come together as a school community, getting some exercise and having a chat with our friends before school commences. Look at some of the pictures below!

Busy Bunnies in February!!

First and Second Class have been very busy during February.  We learned lots about Saint Brigid and Lent in Religion. Second Class also celebrated their First Penance on 13th February.  In Irish we learned about ‘An Gruagaire’ and even sang a hair themed song on ‘Crazy Hair Day’.  Maths was all about positional language and shape – we sang lots of songs, danced to different directional instructions and played lots of interactive games involving these topics.  We also made our very own shape people. In English, we learned a spring poem and wrote some fantastic spring poems of our own, which we presented to our classmates. We learned about water and the importance of water in Science and in History we visited the topic of the Chinese New Year.  We learned about Saint Valentine and the traditions of this special occasion.  We created lovely cards for someone special in our lives.  We learned about Internet Safety on Safer Internet Day  in S.P.H.E. and we also learned about family types and the importance of  being part of a family.  We enjoyed learning new soccer skills with Euan and putting them to practice in some very competitive games.  We also tried a little Irish dancing in class and showed our fantastic rhythmic abilities. As part of our in class rewards system, we got to bring in board games and had great fun playing these together.  Well Done boys and girls on a fantastic months work!

2-D Shape Work in 1st and 2nd Class

In February in Maths,  we have been busy learning about directions and shapes.  We learned different positional language terms and practiced directions in various online games and also in dance activities.  We even had the opportunity to get outdoors and find and take photographs of various 2-D shapes in our school environment.  We also worked in groups to make 2-D shapes with our bodies.  When we came indoors, each group explained which 2-D shapes they found, using the interactive whiteboard.  Well done boys and girls! Who knew we had so many shapes all around us.

Sacrament of Penance 2024

Eighteen wonderful pupils celebrated the Sacrament of Penance on Tuesday 13th  of February in St. Lastra’s Church, Donaghmoyne.

Well done and congratulations to the nine boys and nine girls in second class for their respectful and prayerful participation on the evening of their First Confession.

Every one of them should feel very proud of their efforts, both in preparation for and during the ceremony. The occasion was a memorable one, enhanced by beautiful singing and readings. Thank-you to all our pupils for joining our choir on the night!

A huge thank you to Father Daly for celebrating this special occasion with us.


Super Stars 2023-2024!!

Each week, a child is chosen in either First Class or Second Class to be our SUPER STAR!! They can be chosen for lots of reasons, such as, being kind to someone, showing good manners, showing good listening skills or improving at something they have found to be difficult.  The SUPER STAR of the week is chosen each Friday, gets to bring home our class trophy for the week and returns it the following Thursday.  The Trophy will be sanitized before it is sent home with each child.  Have a look at our SUPER STARS below!!

























Crazy Hair Day

The boys and girls had great craic on Friday 9th February for our ‘Crazy Hair Day’. A huge well done to everyone for taking part!

St. Brigid’s Day

Our infants learned all about St. Brigid this February, and made their own St. Brigid’s crosses. Well done everyone!

November and December in 1st and 2nd Class

We all had a lovely Halloween and were ready for lot’s of fun and learning on our return to school.

In English, we focused on report writing and wrote reports on several animals including bats, snakes and crocodiles.  We enjoyed lots of oral language games around the theme of winter.  We made a lot of effort daily in our accelerated reading. Lot’s of children completed our Readathon challenge. Well Done All! Second Class are busy working on our class book, which we hope to send off for publication in December.

In Gaeilge, we learned lots of new vocabulary around the theme of ‘An Scoil’ agus ‘Éadaí’ and practised this in various oral language games, songs and roleplays.

Our focus in maths has been in place value and addition and we have been practicing these topics daily through games and written activities.

In S.E.S.E. we have been learning about our body, functions of our body parts and also the importance of healthy eating, exercise and sleep for our overall well being. We participated in science week (12-19th November), carrying out some interesting experiments. We discovered that ketchup is really good for cleaning dirty coins!!

In S.P.H.E., we learned about road safety and looked at improvements we could make, to make our school safer in this regard.

In art, we designed Christmas Cards, entered a Christmas colouring competition and also made some ‘Snazzy Snowmen’.  We also designed our own road safety signage. We also designed some Christmas jumpers for the ‘Toy Show.  We also designed our own Christmas stockings! We also wore our pyjamas on the same day, as part of our whole class reward system.

We have also been very busy practicing for our Carol Concert due to take place on 30th December 2023, in Saint Lastra’s Church.

We had our November assembly and rewarded pupils for their reading efforts in the Readathon and also in Accelerated Reading.

The girls and boys should be very proud of their efforts during the month of November and December.

Happy Christmas Everyone!!