Water Action Day

At last the long awaited Water Action Day arrived on Friday 7th December 2018 which was filled with fun activities. The day began with a Guest Speaker from Lough na Garnaman who discussed in-depth where water to the school in addition to most of the pupils’ houses locally actually comes from and the treatment process involved. She explained to the pupils how water pumps are used to monitor water bursts & water wastage. She showed the pupils samples of water meters used to measure water usage together with samples of raw water & treated water. The pupils were very intrigued!

The day proceeded with storytime using the ever popular story ‘The Drip’ by Gordon Green. The children rotated from classroom to classroom chanting water rhymes, poems and songs. Part of the day was focused on engaging in water experiments such as investigating floating & sinking, waterproof or non-waterproof, absorbent or non-absorbent objects and materials.

Finally we had another two Guest Speakers from our local Celtic Pure water company who spoke at length on the foundation of the company and the formation of bottled water in their plant. They also delved into recycling and what the plastic bottles make once recycled which was very interesting e.g. 1 bottle makes 2 pens, 48 bottles makes a quilt etc. The children found it all very interesting. We all learned about how a bottle is formed and how these bottles are filled, capped, labelled and shrink wrapped and ready for sale.