Green School Water Theme

St.Michael’s N.S. began their journey of learning about Water and Water Conservation in September 2017. The Green School Committees worked tirelessly over the last year beginning with conducting an initial environmental review throughout all classes in an effort to establish pupils’ knowledge of the following:

  • Where does water come from?
  • Where does the schools’ water come from?
  • Where does waste water go?
  • Where does the schools’ waste water go?


Initial findings were positive but what was interesting was the lack of knowledge on the true source of the schools’ water i.e. Lough na Garnaman and so the committee used the findings to educate the school as to the correct answers to the above questions. From that we felt that it would be beneficial for all students to learn more about where our water comes from and the treatment process involved before it enters our school and our homes, a project we saved for our action day.


The Green School committee proceeded to gather, share and discuss lots of interesting facts about water together with a selection of Water Wise tips for saving water. They also organised a Water Slogan Competition for the whole school, the winner of which was Lauren McGahon with the very intriguing slogan: ‘SLOW THE FLOW, SAVE H2O’!