Maths in Mrs Mc Guirk’s Room

During the month of February, we have been learning about symmetry in class.  After learning about what symmetry is, the children experimented with the concept by making some symmetry pictures.  Have a look at some of their efforts below!







Next we focused on various 2-D shapes and their properties.  During maths time we completed various worksheets on 2-D shape, played 2-D shape dice games, sang 2-D shape songs and for art we made some very interesting shape people using 2-D shapes.  See some of our finished pictures below!

We also learned about  3-D shapes and their properties. During Maths time we completed various worksheets on 3-D shape and explored their properties, experimented with 3-D shapes that roll and stack and took part in a 3-D shape search around our school.