Christmas in the Infant Room

We had so much fun in the Infant room with our Christmas theme. We learned Christmas songs and rhymes and did a great job making Rudolf decorations for our Christmas trees. The most fun however took place in the Aistear room where the excitement of Christmas filled the air as the children engaged in an array of activities such as making Christmas playdough treats, printing wrapping paper and some even managed the difficult task of wrapping their boxes with the paper. The construction & small world stations had a hive of activity from making Santa’s sleigh and loading it with presents to delivering them all over the world. Some traffic jams were encountered along the way and would you believe there were even bad guys trying to steal the presents but the GardaĆ­ soon sorted those guys out! At the home corner Santa’s workshop was buzzing with lots of calls to be made to ensure all the elves were on target for Christmas and most importantly there was always someone to make Santa a cup of tea!

Have a magical Christmas one and all!!