September in 5th & 6th Class

It has been an eventful September between getting to know one another, getting settled back at school after being off for such a lengthy period, getting used to new Covid rules and pod systems as well as having fun and learning new things. 5th and 6th Class have been amazing in the last few weeks and we are so proud of your hard work.

Some of our interesting adventures are illustrated below. We have been learning some of our Maths concepts outside where possible.

While learning about Setanta during History the boys and girls got into their respective roles most enthusiastically to interview Setanta and dramatize the main events of the popular Irish legend story which they proceeded to illustrate so imaginatively using fabric and fabric together with elements of nature such as moss, leaves and twigs.

In Geography over the past few weeks the pupils learned about the Provinces of Ireland, the counties in each with many taking on the challenge of learning quite a lengthy poem to remind them of the same. They designed a new Monaghan crest as part of this learning experience so watch out for some of these unique designs on the GAA merchandise in years to come!! We learned all about the history and meaning of our National Anthem. While singing is not permitted we learned to adapt by doing a little outside on a sunny day, humming to the song as well as listening and responding to various versions of our anthem which the kids enjoyed.

A busy but successful September and together we look forward to what October brings in our classroom!