5th & 6th Class Activites

There has been a hive of activity in 5th & 6th class over the last few weeks. The pupils researched and compiled impressive projects on an island and an interesting building of their choice. In Irish they took to debating, in delivering arguments for living in the city versus living in the countryside. The pupils learned about writing poetry and to date have both created and performed some very interesting pieces of poetry. In Maths the boys and girls engaged in constructing 3D shapes. In Science the pupils investigated the properties and characteristics of materials and lots of fun was derived from designing and carrying out experiments in this area.

We finished our first novel and integrated with this learning was making clay famine cottages which were truly spectacular.


The pupils really enjoyed their 6 week course with the Bike Green Cycle Right Programme where they learned to be more competent and confident cyclists.

For Christmas 5th and 6th class produced a show stopping performance and made some amazing festive windows and snowflakes to decorate our classroom.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year!!