December in 3rd and 4th

From Christmas decorations, to snow globes to funky reindeer, the elves in 3rd and 4th class were very busy.

Our Christmas production was a huge success and everyone really enjoyed seeing all our hard work come together.


Heritage Schools came to visit. The children explored the school grounds, learning all about things that grow and live in our local environment. Ms Lennon learned a few things too!


We had two winners in 3rd and 4th class this month. Calum stole the prize for his artistic talents in the Donaghmoyne GAA colouring competition. Joshua collected his for the poster competition in a campaign to Save the Bees.


In Maths, it was a month for Lines and Angles, Shapes and Symmetry which the children really enjoyed.

It was chilly in SESE as we headed off to the Artic region to learn all about Polar Bears, Penguins and many more of the beautiful animals that love there.

We finished the month with Christmas jumpers and Christmas cheer. The children worked really hard in December so were well ready for the Christmas Holidays.