Student Council

Our student council have been working very hard over the past month. After discussions with their class, the student councilors brought many fantastic ideas forward.

Firstly, they felt that birthdays weren’t being properly celebrated in St. Michael’s and came up with the idea of purchasing a birthday badge for each class so that people could feel more special on their birthday. They decided to write a letter to our board of management to request money to purchase birthday badges and thankfully, our board of management agreed. Luke and Katelyn travelled to Carrick to purchase the badges and the children are now delighted that they feel a little extra-special on their birthday!

Secondly, the children felt that it was time we brought back our pre-covid Pancake Tuesday tradition. The student council wrote a letter to our Parent’s Association asking if they would be available to come in on Pancake Tuesday to make pancakes for the children. We had a wonderful day and were very grateful to our Parent’s Association for making this happen.

Finally, our student council took a key role during our enrolment evening on 23rd February. They helped the teachers set up on the night and gave tours of our school to parents on the night.

The student council are now working on an Easter Raffle, as well as a collection for Carrickmacross Food Bank. We are very proud of the work that they have put in over the past month, we’ll done everyone!