Happy Easter from 5th & 6th Class

Lots of wonderful work has been going on in the senior classroom as the pupils worked co-operatively in their buddy groups to plan, research, display and present outstanding projects on The Famine and the 1916 Rising. Well done everyone!


In SESE over recent weeks, 5th & 6th class embarked on the Lego We Do challenge and wow were the results superb! Watch these videos to see their amazing creations.






Construction projects were simply outstanding as these photos clearly show.

Real-life Maths took the pupils to measuring many distances around the school building. Lots of fun with this one! As part of our Shape strand 5th & 6th class also engaged in a variety of shape-based activities such as making 3D shapes and working with tangrams from which unique designs emerged.

We are all very proud of our 6th class who made their Confirmation on 25th March. Congratulations to you all and we hope you had a memorable weekend of celebrations with your families.

Happy Easter one and all and we look forward to our last term together in April!!