Busy Bunnies in February!!

First and Second Class have been very busy during February.  We learned lots about Saint Brigid and Lent in Religion. Second Class also celebrated their First Penance on 13th February.  In Irish we learned about ‘An Gruagaire’ and even sang a hair themed song on ‘Crazy Hair Day’.  Maths was all about positional language and shape – we sang lots of songs, danced to different directional instructions and played lots of interactive games involving these topics.  We also made our very own shape people. In English, we learned a spring poem and wrote some fantastic spring poems of our own, which we presented to our classmates. We learned about water and the importance of water in Science and in History we visited the topic of the Chinese New Year.  We learned about Saint Valentine and the traditions of this special occasion.  We created lovely cards for someone special in our lives.  We learned about Internet Safety on Safer Internet Day  in S.P.H.E. and we also learned about family types and the importance of  being part of a family.  We enjoyed learning new soccer skills with Euan and putting them to practice in some very competitive games.  We also tried a little Irish dancing in class and showed our fantastic rhythmic abilities. As part of our in class rewards system, we got to bring in board games and had great fun playing these together.  Well Done boys and girls on a fantastic months work!