The Final Terms in 5th & 6th Class

Lot of amazing work going on in the senior classroom as the pupils worked co-operatively in their buddy groups to plan, research, display and present outstanding projects on Greece and Homes Around the World in SESE. Peer assessment was used to assess progress which was interesting and a learning opportunity for all. Well done everyone!

The Irish language was authentically used with the superb fashion shows that were planned and showcased in groups. We were all very impressed with ‘An Seó Faisin’!

In English we engaged in our Literacy Circle activities for the Novel ‘The Climbing Boys’ by Irish author Ann Murtagh who visited the class on World Book Day. It was wonderful to meet Ann, listen to her inspiration for the story and to hear her top tips for aspiring authors.

William Shakespeare had a profound effect on the senior classes as we discussed and learned some of his poetry. After Easter we took to debating over a four week period which everyone enjoyed. Some very persuasive arguments were heard from the proposing and opposing teams and as for the judges, well needless to say there was no mercy!

We learned about weather and climate in Geography culminating in building some anemometers. There were lots of valuable facts learned about our solar system culminating in superb 3D planets being created.

Length in Maths was fun as we took to some measuring outdoors. Investigating the length of the circumference of the circle led to interesting discoveries. Most recently the properties of 2D & 3D shapes were explored in addition to some exciting probability experiments!

Life skills were attained with a 6 week programme delivered by Bike Green on cycle safety, following which 5th & 6th class pupils took to the roads to put all their safety training into practise. A very successful programme enjoyed by all and will hopefully be very valuable in keeping our pupils safe on our roads for many years to come.

We have had an exciting and adventurous year together which comes to an end as we say goodbye to our 6th class students. Thank you for the memories and the very best of luck to you all in Secondary School!

Have a wonderful summer everyone!!