Term 2 in 5th & 6th Class

There was lots of incredible work going on in 5th & 6th class since Halloween as the pupils worked co-operatively in their buddy groups to plan, research, display and present outstanding projects on The Vikings. We also learned a lot about Tourism in Ireland from which emerged wonderful Tourism brochures.


In Irish very entertaining and educative role plays were devised and produced on the theme of ‘Ag Siopadóireacht’. In English impressive narrative poems were wrote. In Science the pupils learned a lot about the human ear, its parts and functions and the mechanics of how the ear works. An integral part of this learning was experimenting with making a model ear and needless to say the results were amazing.

The pupils artistically created the most beautiful winter landscape scenes that I have ever seen. Lots of fun was had in mixing the paint and experimenting with obtaining lighter and darker shades. The results speak for themselves…well done everyone!



The lead into Christmas this year was a busy one, the highlight of which was what I can only describe as a breathtaking Christmas Carol Service. We hope you enjoyed the ‘Fairytale of Donaghmoyne’, 5th & 6th class style! Santa came to visit and it’s no surprise that all the boys and girls in the senior room are on the good list! Lots of other fun activities took place such as travelling to Inniskeen to watch ‘Shrek’ by Blackstaff NS, taking part in our whole school Christmas quiz, making Christmas cards using fabric & fibre and of course a class party with lots of sweets & treats.


Well done to the boys and girls in the senior classes for your attention, diligence and hard-work this term. Now lots of chocolate has been well earned over the Christmas break! Merry Christmas everyone and I look forward to seeing you all in the new year.