Parents and Students

We hope you are all staying safe and well and wish you a wonderful May bank holiday weekend.

Firstly, for our second class students, Jamie, Calum, Ben, Isobel, Tara and Lucy. We know this weekend was to be your special one. While you can’t celebrate your First Communion at the minute , we wish you and your families a lovely weekend and we look forward to even bigger celebrations when your First Communion Day does arrive. A big thank you to your teacher for all her hard work in preparing you for First Communion .

Booklists and Book Rental Agreements have been emailed to all families. Please confirm with Debby if you wish to join the scheme at debbysoffice2020@gmail.com

Well done to all families for participating in Wellness Wednesday again. It looks like you are all having loads of fun and enjoying plenty of family time. Visit our school facebook page to see some fabulous photographs.

In line with the school calendar, we have decided to give the children Monday and Tuesday off school work next week. Wednesday will remain Wellness Wednesday and therefore teachers will only assign school work for Thurs and Friday .

Finally , a very big thank you to all our families who have engaged so well with us in our new teaching approaches and a massive thank you to our teachers and staff for working so hard and continuing to provide the best possible education for the students of St Michael’s National School in such difficult times.

Stay Safe

Email 1st, 2nd and 3rd Class

Hi everyone

I have just sent an email to all of my classes.

Some of the email addresses that we had on file have bounced back to me.

If you have not received an email from me, please drop me a message to mrsmcguirk2@gmail.com so that I can update you in my contacts.

Thanks a million,

Karen Mc Guirk.

Mrs Mc Guirk’s Homework for Week 27th April-1st May 2020

27th April 2020

Dear Parent(s),
Please find attached link below to homework sheet (32).  See attached link below for additional activities to be completed by different classes. Various Links have also been added which will direct you to activities to be completed for homework.  Please don’t forget to get some physical exericise every day! If you have any questions regarding homework – please contact me via the email provided -mrsmcguirk2@gmail.com.  I hope everyone is well during this very difficult period and I hope to see you all again soon.

Thank-You ,

Karen Mc Guirk.










Active Home Week – Let’s get Active Donaghmoyne

Dear Principal and Active School Flag Coordinator,

We hope that this email finds everyone well.

The Active School Flag team would like to begin by saying WELL DONE to principals and teachers for all the work that you are doing to support your pupils with their wellbeing, and by providing continuity of teaching and learning during these challenging times.

‘Active HOME Week’ Challenge (April 27th – May 3rd)
As you know ‘Active SCHOOL Week’ takes place every April and is a really enjoyable part of the school year for many children. This year, because of Covid-19 it is not possible for this to go ahead so we are asking you to invite the families of your school to participate in the ‘Active HOME Week’ challenge instead.

ABOUT the Challenge
The idea of the #ActiveHomeWeek challenge is to:
· Reach out to parents/guardians to support the work that is taking place in their school
· Support parents by providing them with ideas and a challenge format to encourage children to build physical activity into their day
· Encourage children to find NEW ways of being physically active that they ENJOY
· Raise awareness about the fact that children need at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day
To complete the challenge children have to find four different ways of being active, every day, making sure that this adds up to 60 MINUTES, or more. Children are encouraged to try something NEW, have FUN with a family activity and to ENJOY the week!

There are so many great physical activity suggestions in circulation at the moment from local/national sports clubs, role models and agencies that we decided to organise them into an IDEAS word cloud graphic. All of the activities in the word cloud can be viewed ‘in action’ and ‘in the one place’ @activeflag The Twitter feed includes activities to suit children of all ages, abilities and interests with indoor and outdoor options and ideas about how to make sports equipment out of every day household items. It’s definitely worth a look
The word cloud is designed to make it easy for parents and children to find ways to complete the challenge, but children don’t have to stick with just these ideas. They can use activities, not listed here, that they are already doing or create new activities of their own. You might decide, as a school, to suggest activities or to create your own school/teacher challenges!

Challenge Charts

We have attached 2 versions of the challenge chart:

PDF ‘Print’ version – If parents don’t have access to printer children should be encouraged to hand draw the challenge chart, as that will work just the same.
PDF ‘Fillable’ version – If class teachers would like to ask parents to return the completed challenge chart this format will make it easier to do so.

DRAW for Participants
ASF will be running a competition on Twitter for schools that confirm that they are participating in the #ActiveHomeWeek challenge. Further details will be announced @activeflag over the coming days.

The PDST PE team have created an excellent series of ‘PE at HOME’ videos called Beyond the Classroom’. These videos will allow parents at home, support the work happening in schools during PE lessons. Different themed videos will be released every week @PDSTpe. Please bring these to the attention of teachers as they are a great way to build PE into the weekly work schedule.

Stay Safe Everyone,



Physical Education in our School!

The Physical Education Curriculum is for children from Junior Infants to Sixth Class. The curriculum contributes to children’s overall development by helping them to lead full, active and healthy lives.

The P.E. curriculum provides a balanced range of activities for children through the six strands:

  • Athletics
  • Dance
  • Gymnastics
  • Games
  • Outdoor and adventure activities
  • Aquatics.

The current curriculum was introduced as part of the Primary School Curriculum (1999).  Here in Saint Michael’s National School we aim to provide a balance PE Programme, contributing to the overall development of the child.

Schools have long been viewed as important settings for the socialisation of children, thereby influencing their health and social development. Educational outcomes are a recognised determinant of both child and adult health, consequently schools have both an immediate and longer-term influence on children’s well-being. In recognition of this role, the concept of the HPS was first proposed.  Offering PE is essential to promoting physical, social, emotional and mental health in children and helping in developing a holistic child. Saint Michael’s National School have embraced becoming an Active School in order to provide this opportunity for all our pupils.

As a staff we have looked at several different areas in order to improve our approaches and knowledge in the area of PE education, some of which are detailed below.


A survey was carried out among parents, staff and pupils to evaluate areas of strength and weakness in the area of PE.

As a staff we revised our current PE Whole School Plan and had it ratified by the Board of Management in the academic year 2018 -2019 (Above surveys were used to revise the whole school plan).

We introduced the PAWS Programme in all classes as an alternative to the aquatics strand.

We have introduced using the WALT(We are Learning to) and WILF(What am I looking for) into our PE Lessons as forms of assessment.

A WOW Wall was introduced to acknowledge children’s sporting achievements, both inside and outside of the school.

Self Evaluation:

We have chosen Physical Education and Well Being as our area for Self Evaluation (September 2018-June 2021).

PDST(Professional Development Services for Teachers)

In the Academic Year 2018-2019 we as a staff engaged in CPD with the PDST in the areas of gymnastics and orienteering as we felt these were two areas that we could improve on.

Active Flag Initiative

As part of our Health Promotion Campaign and to improve the overall physical, mental, emotional and social education for our pupils, we decided to join the Active Flag Initiative in October 2017.  Lots more information on this Initiative can be viewed on www.activeflag.ie


PSSI (Primary Schools Sports Initiative) -Lessons for all strands and age levels are used to inform and teach PE.

Membership to Irish PE Association- Provide a wealth of PE Ideas across all strands, Information on ongoing PDST Training in different areas and links to sites with lots of lesson plan ideas (e.g. PSSI and PDST Lesson ideas from workshops and Move Well, Move Often Lesson.

Monaghan GAA-We are delighted to receive annual coaching sessions from Monaghan GAA.  Our pupils always look forward to these sessions and they learn valuable skills in a fun way! Our teachers also gain a wealth of knowledge by watching these lessons.

Mrs Mc Guirk’s Homework for Week 20th-24th April 2020

20th April 2020

Dear Parent(s) and Boys and Girls,

I hope you all had a lovely Easter and enjoyed the chocolate and of course the lovely weather! Please find attached link below to homework sheet (31).  See attached link below for additional activities to be completed by different classes. Various Links have also been added which will direct you to activities to be completed for homework.  Please don’t forget to get some physical exericise every day! If you have any questions regarding homework – please contact me via the email provided -mrsmcguirk2@gmail.com.  I hope everyone is well during this very difficult period and I hope to see you all again soon.

Thank-You ,

Karen Mc Guirk.







If Links to Abair Liom fail to open follow the following Advice:

Follow the steps below to get access:

  1. Go to FolensOnline.ie and click Register.
  2. Select Teacher.
  3. Fill in a username, email address and password.
  4. For ‘Roll Number’ use the code:
    • Prim20 for primary book resources




Wellness Wednesday

During our school closure due to Covid -19, we were very conscious of the impact the virus was causing on our students and whole school community.  As both a Health Promoting School and Active School, we decided to introduce an initiative called Wellness Wednesday to support children and families in maintaining fitness and mental health!

Every Wednesday, children and their families were encouraged to get active by choosing an activity from the list of Wellness Wednesday activities provided or doing something active of their own. See below some of the activities our pupils and families got up to!

We also introduced Zoom P.E. as part of Wellness Wednesday, where staff, pupils and their families got active each Wednesday by partaking in fun games and exercises guided by an online coach! To mark the end of our school year, we even held a Zoom Sports Day – which everyone really enjoyed.


Dear Parents and Students,

We hope you are all staying safe and that you enjoyed the wonderful weather over the Easter Holidays. As we enter our final term at school, the teachers have been working hard to prepare lessons and activities in an effort to the deliver the curriculum in new and creative ways. Each teacher will upload work on a weekly/ fortnightly basis. We ask parents to carefully read through these plans and ensure the workload is evenly distributed to allow for a reasonable amount of school work daily.  If there are any problems or difficulties relating to the work provided, all teachers are contactable via email.

Ms Whelan-        mswhelan2020@gmail.com

Mrs Campbell-   campbellinfants@gmail.com

Mrs Mc Guirk-   mrsmcguirk2@gmail.com

Mrs Lennon        Mrslennon2020@gmail.com

Teachers have discussed the possibility of adopting zoom as a teaching methodology in the coming weeks. This online platform is a lovely way for the students to interact both with their teacher and classmates. We are conscious of the fact that not all students will have access to technology / internet, therefore participation is optional.  Individual teachers will inform parents, using the website, if they intend to proceed with these zoom lessons.

As a health promoting school, we have decided to introduce an initiative called Wellness Wednesday. We are very conscious of the impact that Covid 19 is having on our students and school community, so we need to make sure we are having fun and looking after our mental health.  Therefore, we have decided that until we return to school, Wednesdays are for fun, NO SCHOOL WORK. Instead pick one or two family activities from the list provided and get creative instead. If you want to share pictures of what your family get up to on wellness Wednesday please send photos to our Parents Association WhatsApp 087 3345181.

Other important information

In the coming weeks, booklists for the school year 2020/2021 will be available for parents on the website.

We would ask parents to take a look at the Book Rental Scheme Policy, available on the website. Debby will email all parents a policy agreement form in the coming weeks, and if they wish to join the book rental scheme, they can sign the agreement and return by email to debbysoffice2020@gmail.com

We have decided to cancel our school tour for this year. Parents who have already paid will be reimbursed in the coming weeks.

We have no update regarding Confirmation and First Communion. If we receive any information we will let parents know immediately.

We miss you all, stay safe and stay in touch,

From the staff of St. Michael’s NS.

Covid-19 Information

See the source image

Parents/ Guardians


We hope you are all well and staying safe at this trying time. As a school staff, we are working together to ensure learning can continue. We are eager to support both students and parents in any way possible. The following measures have been put in place,

  • The school (resource room) will be open on Friday 27th March from 10am-12pm to facilitate parents collecting children’s books/ belongings. In line with social distancing requirements, we would ask parents to approach the room from the door facing the road. There will be a designated waiting point marked on the footpath and parents are asked to only approach if there is no other parent waiting.
  • Teachers have already sent work packs home for the children. For now, we ask that you continue to help and support your child work through these packs up until Friday 3rd.
  • Mrs Mc Guirk has set work for next week (this can be viewed on post below or also on her own class page).
  • There will be NO work expected to be completed from Monday 6th April to Friday 17th April, as these are the Easter Holidays. School work can resume from Monday 20th 
  • Teachers will commence setting work each week from Monday 20th April, for as long as necessary. Each teacher will upload their class work under their individual class section on our website.
  • From Monday 20th April, teachers will also provide an email address to parents. This can be used by parents to seek guidance/ advice on work which has been sent home.

The health and safety of all our school community is our priority at the minute and we do not want to cause any additional stress or anxiety. Our message to our students is very clear- we ask everyone to get on board and try their best with the work provided. Do what you can, as best as you can, but don’t become overwhelmed or worried if there is something that you can not do. This is a very new way of learning for us all but we are in it together and we can get through it. Our message to our parents is- try strike a balance between physical exercise and schoolwork daily. Encourage your child but know when it becomes too much and please do email us if there is anything we can do to help. Good luck!!

From all the staff


Please Click Links Below to view various information on Planning at home, Pupil and Parent Advice surrounding Covid-19 and Relaxation Techniques.