Conor Mc Skeane Memorial Cup 2017

The Conor Mc Skeane Memorial Cup took place this year on Tuesday 20th June in memory of the tragic and untimely death of Conor Mc Skeane who sadly passed away on December 10th 2007 while in First Class in Aughnafarcon N.S. Two pupils from First Class travelled to Aughnafarcon for this annual event. (more…)

Confirmation 2017

Saturday the 20th May 2017 marked a memorable occasion for all sixth class children from the schools in Donaghmoyne parish as they, together with their families, relatives and friends congregated in St.Patrick’s Church, Broomfield for the Sacrament of Confirmation. (more…)

First Holy Communion 2018

The 5th of May 2018 was a momentous occasion for the first communicants in St.Michael’s N.S. The community of Donaghmoyne gathered together with pride to watch these twelve children (four girls and eight boys) make their First Holy Communion. The children’s participation on the day, combined with their artwork to decorate the Church made it truly memorable for all.

The school choir also enhanced the ceremony beautifully. This long anticipated day was a huge success. Well done to the first communicants and to their families for all their hard work on the journey that led to this day. Heartfelt thanks to our officiating priest, Father Daly, and to all those involved.  

Aldi Rugby

Our senior boys took part in the Aldi Rugby this year. Dedication, hard work and good team play under the guidance of their coaches, certainly had its reward. The boys successfully made it through all rounds of the competition and the ultimate success lay in the team being chosen to play in the Aviva Stadium on 26th April. The highly esteemed Paul O’Connell was present to greet the team and their supporters! This was an astonishing achievement for the boys together with their coaches, families and the school that will be held in high regard for many years to come. (more…)

Active Schools Week 2018

As part of our Active Flag Campaign and to celebrate Active Schools week,  we had a spring themed Sports Day on Friday 27th April 2018. These events were supervised by the staff and members of the Active Schools Committee. All these events were fun and encouraged physical activity in a fun setting! Please have a peek at the wonderful things our children got up to on the day.

Active Non-Competitive Running Initiative

This initiative proved successful in our school. We began our running challenge in March 2019 and have been doing it everyday. Weather didn’t stop our efforts! We used our walking track for this initiative, running ten laps or  1 km  each day per classroom. This equated to 3km a day and 15km per week! Our challenge was to complete 60km in total, within the space of 4 weeks. We tried to do our running after lunch and this kept us awake and alert to complete our afternoon’s work. Before and after our run our Active Leaders lead some warm-up and cool-down activities. The children really enjoyed this initiative and we still get the children out for a jog as part of our active breaks!

The Importance of Water

As a result of our recent lunch box survey (September 2019), we noticed that some children continue to take diluted drinks to school. Our Health Promotion Committee created a Drinks Sugar Display Board to show how much sugar are in the most popular drinks. See a picture of this below!

They also talked to classes about the importance of drinking water! Some of these advantages can also be seen below.

Healthy Drinking

We would like to say a big thank you to the parents who offered to come in and make smoothies using lots of different fruits. This year (2018) the Health Promoting Schools Team surveyed children to find out the most popular drinks being taken to school. Diluted Juice was found to be very popular and the amount of water being consumed had reduced! They decided to look at popular drinks and focus on the sugar levels in them  to highlight how much hidden sugar they actually contain!

Pedal Power Cinema!

Our staff, pupils and parents got active and took part in our powered pedal cinema event. Everyone worked hard to keep the film going and everybody enjoyed the show immensely. Our Health Promoting team were also on board to distribute healthy eating documentation and explain about portion size with the use of various food props.

A Great job all round!

First Holy Communion 2017

Congratulations to all of the children in second class who made their First Holy Communion in May 2017. It was a very special day enjoyed by the children and their families.